NOX marks the first step towards a new generation of Underground products that continues to extend the brand’s prevalence in the domain of bold, androgynous, rebellious design.

For our design studio, the creation of new products that will sit amongst our existing modern classics requires a continuing reference to the characteristics that define Underground.

A hybrid sneaker that incorporates a definite silhouette synonymous with Underground’s identity. Nox is inspired by both the digital representation of the movement of sound & the trend of sneaker culture.

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One of the essential sources for Nox was the origins of the brand as a rare sneaker store in 1980’s Manchester. Growing alongside post-punk and Factory records, Underground witnessed many subcultures merge together in between the walls of the Hacienda and under the rhythm of Madchester and Acid House in the 90s.

The brand became part of a united movement, one that would go beyond traditional and divisive notions of subculture to see kids all united against mainstream culture.

It was not about labelling oneself, but creating a world with the youth’s rules, one that would encompass their view on society. The attitude, behaviour and style of the brand are defined by its defiance and unwillingness to blindly comply.

For a brand whose origins are seated in limited rare trainers, in the unorthodox and in serving subcultures, Nox is nu-future Underground.