fling music fest albums vinyl underground
 fling music fest albums vinyl underground
 fling music fest albums vinyl underground

Likely lads FLING are like something out of a wacky acid-trip-cum-funkadelic comic strip: if Halloween Jack, a hippie, Johnny Rotten, and magical Marc Bolan had some weird mutant Love Child whilst listening to Oasis, then it would be FLING.

The pop provocateurs formed in 2015 after they all played a gig night in different bands and decided that very evening to make a song together. The band have toured throughout the UK, dominating the Dance to the Radio stage at Leeds, and have gained praise and plays from the likes of BBC 6 Music, Wonderland Mag and Radio X. Oh, and they're no stranger to an acoustic set or two.

The hippie DIY outfit have released a string of magical singles such as 'Welcome To The City' - which revels in the absurd visitation of an alien to Bradford - the lovelorn anthem 'Annie' and 'Just a Dog'. Their most recent release 'That's Nice' is a seductively sounding song about shagging.

Their music is kaleidoscopic and oozes goodness: each song has its own punchy panache, sound and attitude that is distinct from the one that goes before. The boys' fashion and live shows are equally as subversive, as the cosmic mad-men embrace their eccentricities. They each have their own unique fashion and performing style, ranging from the snarling front-man, to the tentative tambourine player.

But it is precisely this blase and eclectic spirit that makes this band so charming. They embrace their regional heritage, are steadfast in their non-conformity, and coalesce blues, pop, indie-rock and psychedelia into a project in which they do whatever the hell they want in the name of fun.

Their most recent release is 'That's Nice' - to listen to click here.

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Charles McSorley, Jack Winn, Luke Fielding, Jake Lees, Billy Fielding and Sam Malynowsky.
Bradford, UK
Performing since 2015.
DIY psychedelia
Watching the sunset on the Sunday evening of a festival with your mates; you're all a bit dirty, sweaty and exhausted but push through with a few tinnies and some roll-ups.


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