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Underground Soundwave is our informal music project that pays homage to the brand's music influences past, present and future. From the time of its inception, Underground has always been inspired by music, it has been a big part of what we do and a big part of what we say.

Back in 2015, we launched our Soundwave footwear collection - consisting of NOX trainers, Sonik sandals and the Jungle boot, which were influenced by various distortions of the visual digitisation of sound. In honour of that, we collected together all our music interests and favourite musicians at Underground to create the Soundwave Project.

The Soundwave Page is our mini universe, an Underground Universe if you will. It's a space in which we champion new and old artists, promoting their work and up-coming events. We craft them an artist profile and a platform from which to promote their latest videos and sounds.

We don't pretend to talent spot, if we like the music then we simply do our part to promote it. Underground music of every genre, especially live music, is what we like and we want to see succeed here in London, across the UK and around the world.

Our favourite things this month....
The Yellow Days Record music
Check out the roster of previous bands and artists we have worked with in the past.
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