RECORD OF THE MONTH: Yellow Days’ ‘Is Everything Okay In Your World?


This November, we have decided to crown Yellow Days’ ‘Is Everything OkayIn Your World?’ as our Record of the Month.

It is completely undoubtable that the Haslemere-based eighteen-year old George van de Broek is rich beyond his years. Citing Ray Charles and Howlin’ Wolf as his main influences, the rhythm and blues sensibilities that seep their way into his work are extremely palpable. Released in October, ‘Is Everything Okay In Your World?’ is like a waltz in reverie through the story of your most recent heartbreak. A project that somnambulantly nods to his rhythm and blues forefathers – with his crooning vocals and jazz-flecked sound – Yellow Days updates those sensibilities with lovelorn lo-fi longings and glittering electronic backbeats that makes his sound wash over you in a sultry shimmer. The singer has admitted his music is a by-product of his heartbreak. When talking about his song ‘Your Hand Holding Mine’ – which appeared on his first EP and captured the imagination of the indie radar – George noted how:

‘It’s a song about that first love ending and how you used to tell each other you’d stay together until you’re old and grey but it hasn’t worked out like that. Now you’re dealing with the fact you always thought it would be their hand holding yours, but it isn’t going to be. When I was around 14 I found that first love and the tune is like an account of me dealing with that odd feeling.’


Part of the genius that lies within the musician is his ability to simultaneously mix hopelessness with hopefulness, of fusing optimism with melancholy. In ‘That Easy’ – a groovy yet glum song –  George sings:

‘Oh sometimes I just wanna run away
It’s got too much babe
I dont even know how, but I just fell out
God I’m rude, in the abyss I loom
So I’ll just wonder
Show them what you’re made of
Yeah, look out

I, I ain’t giving up
Not that easy, I ain’t gonna give up that easy.’

Sun-baked melodies, slacking guitars and ardent backbeats are swirled with George’s gravelly intonations that sadly sing of growing up and living with heartbreak and apathy. ‘Holding On’ is like something out of a indie prom; you can imagine dancing opposite your beau as you both feel the imminent and inevitable end your relationship. ‘Hurt in Love’ uses haunting backbeats to accompany George’s open disaffection with love. As an respite from the sadness songs like ‘Bag of Dutch’ and ‘I Believe In Love’ offer something a little more optimistic to hold on to. The musician also noted that he had learnt the piano between the release of his first EP ‘Harmless Melodies’ and the release of this project; ‘Tired’ and ‘Weight of the World’ showcasing his new twinkling skill most prolifically.

With this project, Yellow Days has committed the ultimate musical seduction. Just like the magic that comes with bands like New Order and the Cure, you don’t know whether to dance or whether to cry, whether to stay with or whether to leave your lover whilst listening to this album. The emotional intelligence that comes with George’s melancholy, his negotiation of heartbreak, twinned with his musical diversity will rapturously draw you into this release.

Yellow Days is set to play a date at Scala in December. To get your tickets, click HERE.

Yellow Days’ Facebook can be found HERE, and his Twitter HERE.