Woose – Ladies who lunch with me


Crawling out of the artistic communes of Brixton is the indie music duo WOOZE: who make tracks as intoxicating and gooey as their name suggests. Eccentric, sonic and sardonic are all words that could be described as at the heart of WOOZE’S creators Theo Spark and Jamie She’s musical mission.

Although the band have only been playing as WOOZE since 2017, they have already released two singles (‘Party Without Ya’ and ‘Hello Can You Go’) with two accompanying music videos – one directed by K-pop videographer Nuri Jeong – and played a long-list of gigs from South London to Seoul. It’s clear from their repertoire that these boys aren’t wasting anytime in creating a buzz around their surrealist indie pop creations. Having made music together before, it’s clear that the pair are well versed with each other’s talents and abilities, allowing them to hang from one another’s riffs and rhythms with seamless harmony.

Their latest track ‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’ dropped only last week and is seemingly a continuation of their vibrant mash-up of genres doused in their trademark neon yellow coordination.

Jumping straight in with catchy guitar licks from Theo and hypnotically melodic drums complimented by Jamie, the track unleashes its spacey sarcasm into your ears with relentless force. Its listener can only but groove to the lively sounds and, most likely, give into a sing-a-long without even noticing the despairing theme of unrequited lust. The track concludes with a final rhythmic hurrah with speed and complaints of sour grapes leaving a distaste in your mouth before surrendering “huhs” and circular beats to finish the same way the track started.

Adopting classic English rock and roll vocals and 70’s-esk falsettos, they manage to extract the sexiness of musical predecessors such as Led Zeppelin or early Bowie and apply it to their witty word play about modern tribulations of the friendzone and lunching. Also taking inspiration from 80s synth pop, they layer the track with juicy riffs and distortion that would no doubt make the likes of Gary Numan proud. Combing these quintessential music staples from previous decades with modern age concerns and a sprinkle of K-pop inspired motifs, WOOZE bring such a new age vibe to the indie music scene they can only be from outer space… or at least their ideas are.

In short, the track is full of heavy with euphemisms, mainly describing how there are ‘So many crudités but no nudit-a-y’, and laden with dreamy ooos and ahhs that it’s a wonder why ladies only want to lunch with this duo.

It’s a real earworm, check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6gmYsZgXtqt7WiZz0wkwvc?si=TmNrm_-cTuaGc6tevu0usQ&fbclid=IwAR3l-zfJwqEnBlNKhPMGio0l_XOCVze0Opd31yXsUcIBNaeQdLT6fGlyRs4

Words by Aimee Williams-Maynard