What Record Store Day 2019 has instore…

What Record Store Day 2019 has instore…

 By Aimee Williams-Maynard

Let’s go back to the year 2007 when a selection of independent record store owners, their employees and their combined brilliant brains came to birth Record Store Day… a day that would go on to be celebrated every year since. The day itself was created to spread the word about a music medium which perhaps is more outdated than its heritage would like, and thus RSD was first put on (in 2008) to celebrate not just the long history of vinyl but also the independent sellers who keep this “ancient” format on the shelves. But it goes further than just keeping vinyl in circulation, in fact, the day honours the very community that record stores create with their presence in the music market more than it does as a publicity stunt to make money.

Nonetheless, in order to keep these independent stores thriving, and the legacy of records alive on a long-term basis, we must keep funding them or they will simply cease to exist. Record Store Day offers these sellers the opportunity to put their most musical foot forward, with the release of exclusive records made just for the day. Which means when these records are gone they are gone – I’m sure we’ve all learnt this the hard way when it comes to the annual event.

It may come as no surprise then that when the day rolls around, participating stores have queues that stretch far and wide with eager customers ready to get their hands-on vinyl that is so limited that you can only buy one copy for yourself. Not only that, but the stores who get involved with the celebrations often put on shows or special line-ups to commemorate the day. Also, for this year’s RSD here in the UK the ever deliciously strange duo The Mighty Boosh have been selected as 2019 ambassadors. Very funky stuff.

In honour of RSD 2019, Underground have selected our recommended records, participating stores and events that are all celebrating this day in style – so you can too.

Underground recommended:

RSD records…

13th Floor Elevators – The Psychedelic Sounds Of

Have you ever thought what an acid trip in 1966 sounded like? Well, let The Psychedelic Sounds Of… the 13th Floor Elevators takes you there with their classic, debut record. Known as the first psychedelic rock album, this RSD edition of the will feature a mono mix on a picture disc vinyl that uses the original artwork to blend seamlessly with the larger sleeve. Let this 2019 rendition of the Elevators’ trailblazing debut rock your world as it did to inspired artists such as Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and the Rolling Stones, and let their jug playing, hip quaking original tracks take you all the way from 1966 to the present and beyond.

The Fall – Imperial Wax Solvent

While it is often supposed that ‘punk is dead’ the Fall still lives on despite all odd. Imperial Wax Solvent is one of their most sort after album following its limited release – with only 1000 pressed copies – in 2008. It also marks the 20th recorded album from the notorious punk group since they started in 1976. This year the RSD version will be pressed onto yellow vinyl and has been remastered by longtime engineer Andy Pearce. Although the Fall’s influential sound is often attempted by many bands on the South London scene nowadays, probably even as we speak, there’s nothing like the original and overpowering strangeness of Mark E Smith.

IDLES – Meat EP / Meta EP

Harsh and harrowing are perhaps two distinct phrases that make the sound of quintet IDLES so bloody fun. Evoking carnage and sweaty celebrations these boys have gained mass interest over the last few years. For Record Store Day IDLES are putting out 12 inches of unadulterated mayhem combing their EPs Meat and Meta (which has never seen the physical light of day) onto one very limited white disc. With only 5000 copies available to purchase, this could be one of those records that go on to make history and are worth a fortune one day… investing one seems like a no-brainer. 

Janis Joplin – Woodstock Sunday, August 17, 1969

Everyone knows that the best time of year is Leo season, why not bask in the glory of Janis Joplin and her epic vocal cords while she flourishes in the heat of the Leo sun during 1969? Described as her year of change, this recording preserves the moment Janis and her band took to the stage at the legendary Woodstock festival just weeks before she released her debut album. It’s a stunning luxury to be able to indulge in Joplin’s everlasting numbers, and now for the first time ever it’s possible to do it and imagine you’re at Woodstock enjoying your own summer of love with her. This double vinyl will also include a version of her first album I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!… I mean what more could you want?

The Prodigy / Ho99o9 – Fight Fire with Fire / Champions of London

Since forming in 1990, The Prodigy have melted the face off of electronic music as it was known and changed its sound indefinitely. Rejecting cookie-cutter boundaries of genres, The Prodigy is mavericks of their area of expertise. 2018 saw them combine with fellow mould-breakers Ho99o9 to create No Tourists – an album which urges its listener to find richness in the untrodden path through the unexpected routes they take electronic music down. Following the tragic death of musical rebel Keith Flint, The Prodigy’s RSD tracks remind us just how insanely talented the threesome were together and how to raise the roof alongside modern alt-techno artists Ho99o9. The limited 7” will include both collaborative tracks Fight Fire with Fire and Champions of London along with previously unreleased instrumentals.

X-Ray Spex – I Am A Cliché – Anthology 

Legends of the punk explosion in 1976/7, X-Ray Spex and their unruly female lead Poly Styrene are back to fill your ears with the aggressive and distorted sounds of rebellion. The RSD feature will not only be pressed on pink and green dayglo vinyl but will also include the famous tracks Oh Bondage Up Yours!, Identity, The Day The World Turned Day-Glo, Germ-Free Adolescents and Highly Inflammable. Fuelled by outrage and disapproval for social norms and gender stereotypes, X-Ray Spex has always been providing the lens through which we should use to look at the state of the artificial society in which we live. Arguably, their attacks on the corporate world full of consumerism and false promises have never stop being relevant since the band’s immaculate conception, and now in 2019, you can access all their greatest hits in one easy anthology.

Meatraffle / Madonnatron – Bella Ciao (Meatraffle ft. Madonnatron) / Brigante Se Mor (Madonnatron ft. Meatraffle)

Both staples of the “South London scene” – Zsa Zsa Sapien is perhaps even the godfather – and label mates, Meatraffle and Madonnatron have come together this RSD to make a super limited-edition vinyl love child. In honour of both bands’ Italian heritage, the groups have combined to cover anti-fascist Italian folk numbers. With Meatraffle’s rough around the edges charm that sees its members doused in socialist sweat wielding hammers, sickles and trumpets, and Madonnatron’s overtly feminine and heavily synthed massacres of the mundane (by that I mean their tracks) this RSD release will no doubt be 7 inches of glorious leftist guerrilla sounds, that won’t leave you disappointed.

RSD Events…

Record Store Day at Lion Coffee and Records

Located in Lower Clapton, Lion Coffee and Records in a hipster oasis. Decorated with handcrafted wooden furniture and filled wall to wall with vinyl, Lion is paradise for anyone looking for a hard drink (be that fine coffee or the occasional cocktail) and a chance to mellow out among a plethora of great records. Founded by wife and husband team Mairead and Chris Hayden, who met through Florence and the Machine (who Mairead managed and Chris played the drums with), Lion is not only a record store but regularly puts on live events. For RSD Lion are putting on a delightful list of live performers which include South London relic Dan Lyons and an acoustic set from Honey Lung as well as a handful of DJs to take punters into the night.

Check out the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/270902557133161/

Record Store Day 2019 at Pop Brixton

Free all day and all-nighter is a phrase that should never go unnoticed, cue Pop Brixton’s RSD celebration. The day-to-night party will see the multi-layered market space filled independent record labels selling their wares, alongside a multitude of DJs throughout from 12 til 12. There will also be a chance to take part in the charity raffle in aid of Key Changes – an awarding music service in hospitals and communities for young people and adults experiencing mental health issues – with some great prizes.

RSVP for the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/369547553829645/

Rough Trade, East and West

Champions of the music market, Rough Trade are putting on events in all four of their venues. If you’re in the London area you are lucky enough to have the choice between two separate Rough Trade celebrations both with incredible line-ups that make it hard to chose which side of the compass, you should be most drawn to. With both events taking place all day they’ve you could even make them both. However, to help you decide here’s a short list of who’s playing each… WEST: Fontaines D.C., BLICK BASSY, WONK UNIT, KT Tunstall, Peter Doherty, and Celeste. EAST: Skinshape, Pye Corner Audio, Mike Peters, Our Girl, Black Country New Road, Salena Godden, Big Joanie, Gang of Four.

Check them for yourself:

West: https://www.facebook.com/events/410440196373766/

East: https://www.facebook.com/events/550057875503519/

Art’s Cool: Madonnatron/Meatraffle Record Store Day Party

If the release of their shared RSD single wasn’t enough, Madonnatron and Meatraffle are taking their sound all the way to Kent for RSD. The day will see Margate based promoters Art’s Cool combine with record store Elsewhere for a day party that will transcend into the night. With a strong daytime line-up and a night full of socialist grooves and yet to be announced DJs, a night in Kent has never sounded so appealing.

Book your place through the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/581068882404643/

Phase: One, Record Store Day 2019

If you’re up North this RSD maybe you should head over to Liverpool’s Phase: One from an 8 am til 12 am an extravaganza. Their in-store line-up is one to get excited about, with Bang Bang Romeo stopping by before they head of on tour with P!nk, Zuzu who’s been spotted by BBC Radio 1 and off the radar acts like Munkey Junkey and Gene Pool. No doubt the sound from this record store will be heard into the early hours of the morning.

Don’t miss out: https://www.facebook.com/events/706582719735677/?active_tab=about

RSD UK list of stores…

Find your nearest store here: https://recordstoreday.co.uk/stores/

Some London legends to check out: Banquet Records, Sister Ray, Flashback Records, Honest Jon’s, Vinyl Hunter, Phonica Records, Reckless Records, If Music, Peckham Soul, Soul Brother Records… the list could go on.

Merry Record Day and here is a little clip from the UK’s ambassadors…