The Vicious White Kids formed up for one performance, a concert at the Electric Ballroom on August 15th, 1978.  With Sid Vicious a lead singer and joined by Rat Scabies, Glen Matlock, Steve New and Nancy Spungen, this post Pistols appearance was Sids’ last.

The band name was a composite of the Sid Vicious, The Rich Kids (the band formed by Glen Matlock, Rusty Egan And Midge Ure) and Rat Scabies The White Cats.

Nancy Spungen sang backing vocals although the rumour is that the mic was unplugged for the line up by one of the other band members.

The band was short lived with the murder of Nancy and the subsequent suicide of Sid sealing its fate.

This must be punk at its best. Spontaneous, irreverent, the band was formed up and the one performance is undertaken. Band members are drawn together like strands creating a cord of Punk that in turn drew together strands of influence from early NY punk, Rock N Roll and the classic Sinatra. Mashing it up before mashing up was heard of. Of course, there is always the feeling of the opportunity lost, what could have been?  But in its way, that’s the attraction of this album, rare music never to be repeated, a one-off moment in time done My Way.

The 11-track album features 9 tracks from that  Electric Ballroom gig in Camden,  including “Steppin’ Stone” from the Monkees,  “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” and “Tight Pants “ and “Search and Destroy “ from Iggy and the Stooges, Frank Sinatras  “My Way” and “Chatterbox “  from the New York Dolls.  Eddie Cochranes C’mon Everybody, Dave Berrys “Don’t Give Me No Lip “and the controversial Sex Pistols “Belsen is a Gas “rounded off the London Portion.

Side B included two tracks recorded at Max’s Kansas City in NYC in September, “Chinese Rocks,” and “Take A Chance On Me”.

Side A:
Live at The Electric Ballroom in Camden, London – August 1978

1. C’mon Everybody
2. Steppin’ Stone
3. No Lip
4. I Wanna Be Your Dog
5. Belsen Was A Gas

Side B:
1. Chatterbox
2. Tight Pants
3. My Way
4. Search & Destroy

Live at Max’s Kansas City, NYC – September 1978
5.Chinese Rocks
6. Take A Chance With Me