The return of A Perfect Circle

The return of A Perfect Circle


On Wednesday, A Perfect Circle played in London at the SSE Arena to present the highly awaited new album “Eat The Elephant”.

The release of this new album and the resulting tour mean a lot to APC fans for obvious reasons …

We had to wait for 14 years after the release of the last album “eMOTIVe” (2004) to finally see together on one stage the band from the US …

A tough test of loyalty to ask their fans, but they have been paid off full of years of waiting with APC in perfect shape and a crazy show up to expectations.

On the other hand, we can forgive Keenan and his companions for leaving the APCs aside for a while, given the other projects that all the band members carry out, starting with Maynard, former singer of TOOL and then Puscifer and always engaged in various collaborations that saw him sing alongside Rage Against the Machine, Deftones and Thirty seconds to Mars.

Even James Iha had a busy time, as he is the historic guitarist of Smashing Pumpkins and Matt McJunkis plays bass in the Eagles of Death Metal.

So let’s lay thed had their good reasons…

However, given the concert on Wednesday, I would say that it was worth waiting for so long and as often we say “it is the expectation that increases desire”.

And so, after years, A Perfect Circle were presented on stage more loads than ever, with a wealth of experience, with new things to tell, but also like the old APC to which the public is attached. And so, after two songs from the new album, “Eat The Elephant” and “Disillusioned”, they gifted the public with “The Hollow”, immediately making it clear: we are back the APC of always! And clearly the answer from the audience could only be enthusiastic.

I feel I can define APC (as obviously also the TOOL) as an Intellectual-metal band; term difficult to explain, but their fans will understand me.

They played together as always, as if the time had never passed, as if we were still in the melancholy 90s; and it was wonderful to be submerged by that frame of design created for the stage, as simple as evocative and emotional, just … perfect.

Rectangular LED screens protruded from the stage and from the ceiling like stalactites and stalagmites framing three small round and raised boxes in the center of the main stage: Keenan in the center, drummer Matt McJunkis and drummer Jeff Friedl on the sides.While James Iha and Billy Howerdel rode the stage non-stop.

A play of lights and colors that through the suspended LEDs and around the stage has created for each song the right and “Delicious” atmosphere wrapping the Arena now with the cold blue lathes, now with the warm tones of the fire.

Keenan’s deep voice gently cradled a trance-like audience, from the darkness that enveloped the central stage, so that it sounded like a voice from another dimension that secretly guided the music of a wild Howerdel, in a perfect symbiosis.

Their connection on the stage was palpable and for two hours everyone present felt part of this. Until the song that everyone was waiting for arrived: “Judith”.At that moment the whole audience exploded of passion.

For a moment everyone, I’m sure, had the same feeling of bittersweet nostalgia, that longing for past moments  whose memory makes you cry and smile, hurts and heal at the same time.


Words by Federica Diaz Splendiani