We might ordinarily talk about fighting prejudice or some type of injustice. Well as its National Dog Day it’s a good time to fly the flag of freedom for our K9 friends and especially for the team at The Edward Foundation.


The Foundation opened in 2011 when a group of Bulldog owners were alarmed at the condition of a dog being advertised at stud. With inaction from any form of authority the owners just got on and did their own thing , raised funds and got the dog out of there. The dog—that will be Edward of course (the one below )- was bought back to good health and re-homed.




That was the start and the inspiration for the Foundation who make it their business to help bulldogs at risk, especially those being used to breed as a commodity. Its slavery for dogs and this solid group of volunteers have helped over 500 bulldogs out of misery and onto the sofas of proper dog lovers . They have built up a network of foster homes and carers and stand ready to step in and remove the do to a safer place and a better life to bring comfort to the dog and happiness to the owner.




The messages here are these:


As we are always promoting on our blog- if you want to see something get done then step up and have a go- you will find every time others waiting to help you, waiting for your bit of inspiration and leadership. Don’t be afraid- step out and they will follow.


Its National Dog Day- one of the main themes is that if you have a dog then take care of it- don’t abuse it.


Dogs are not a commodity. If you see maltreatment of any dog report it. Stand up and shout out and help will come.


The Edward Foundation – Check them out, they are a registered UK charity, all volunteers and totally dedicated. They will post details of dogs that are looking for a new sofa and a shoe to chew on and you can see them on their website