GIG PREVIEW | Slowcoaches @ Boston Music Room

Leeds trio and happy nihilists Slowcoaches are set to headline Boston Music Room in North London this Thursday. Take a catchy pop-song, throw it in the blender with some grit and fuzz, maybe even blend it twice for good measure, and there you have the insatiable sound of the punk-outfit.

The band was formed after punk-priestess and front-woman Heather shouted after Matt in the street because he looked like Kurt Cobain. What better way to make music than with a skater boy who looked like the grunge-god of the ’90s? Since their formation, the band have made ripples in the indie music scene: their debut cassette EP ‘We’re So Heavy’ sold out on the Sheffield based DIY-label ‘Tye Die Tapes’ and they have also garnered favourable reviews at their riotous gigs. They have played at the majestic Palace of Culture and Science in Poland, and are currently stomping their way through a series of dates around the UK and Germany.

Their debut album ‘Nothing Gives’ was released in 2016 and is ignited by the origial spirit of punk: the band have claimed that they made each song in twenty minutes, with the full album taking only two days to make. This may make for disaster for some bands, for who on Earth can produce a solid debut album in the space of a weekend? But, it is precisely the inprecision of the album that makes it so visceral and intense. The genuine frustrations of the band manifests itself in angrily optimistic songs about heartbreak, drug-addiction, and the like. Their songs, that undoubtedly challenge the norm and subvert the sounds of current pop music, undoubtedly appeal to a generation of dispondent twentysomethings.

The band find fun in anger, and the raccous riffing, the screeching singing and defiant drums translate awesomely into live performances.

To get tickets to their London date, click HERE.