Skinhead Nation- George Marshall

Skinhead Nation- George Marshall

“Never lend a book or a vinyl,” they say. Skinhead Nation was one of those books that had sat in our library for some time. Its only when you go to find it that you discover it is missing. We were lucky a couple of years ago to come across a copy and snap it up to replace the runaway copy.

Written by George Marshall, the author of Spirit of ’69- A Skinhead Bible and founder of the Skinhead Times it is an authoritative account of the skinhead movement from someone who was a part of the scene from the 1960’s to the time that he hung up his boots in 1995.

Of course, the Skinhead movement has been much maligned due to the association of Skinheads with extremism but here is a genuine account of the Skinhead as an icon for fashion and music. Intuitively knowledgeable about the music scene brining Ska to our ears and impeccably dressed in the right clobber, boots, denim, shirt and jacket, and shaved head the Skinhead was the forerunner of many of the subcultures that followed.

The music betrayed any notion that the roots of the movement were anything other than working class Britain. Ska was thing, the import that had travelled to the UK from Jamaica amongst the diaspora that has come across the sea to answer the call for workers in post war Britain. It was embraced by the Skinhead movement and played out in the clubs across London, Birmingham and Manchester. The book features one-time skinhead Gaz Mayall, (Gaz’s collection of Jamaican vinyl is one of the largest in the world) our near neighbour in Soho who runs Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues. London’s longest running club night at the St Moritz on Wardour Street.

With 100 black and white photos that bring us close to the skinhead movement not only from around the UK but also the scene in the US and Europe. Its close up and intimate and if you can find yourself a copy then grab the chance. If you find our original copy, then let us know.