From our Vinyl collection, Into the Valley, from 1979 , by the Skids and taken from their album Sacred to Dance. The lyrics by Richard Jobson and Stuart Adamson are a reference to the recruitment of young Scots into the Army and can be barely made out in parts but here they are anyway

Into the valley
Betrothed and divine
Realisations no virtue
But who can define

Why soldiers go marching
Those masses a line
This disease is catching
From victory to stone

Ahoy! Ahoy! Land, sea and sky
Ahoy! Ahoy! Boy, man and soldier
Ahoy! Ahoy! Deceived and then punctured
Ahoy! Ahoy! Long may they die

Out of concealment
Blank and stark eyed
Why so uncertain
This culture deceives

Prophesised, brainwashed
Tomorrow’s demise
All systems failing
The placards unroll

Ahoy! Ahoy!…

If you are a Football fan then you might have come across it pre-match being played at The Valley , the home of Charlton Athletic or at Dunfermline Athletic the home team of the band.

The cover photo is by @dennismcevoymorris