The book, written by her psychiatrists, Corbett H. Thigpen and Hervey M. Cleckley, tells the biography of Christine and her many personalities, developed after various traumatic events lived during her childhood that all happened within three months.

“Kaleidoscope style” sings Siouxsie, and “Kaleidoscope” is also the title of the album from 1980, which includes “Christine“.

The nicknames we find in the Siouxsie’ song “banana split lady, strawberry girl” refer to the woman’s personalities.

“Personality changes behind her red smile
Every new problem brings a stranger inside”.

And indeed, the new personalities kept increasing, for Christine, with the increasing of her problems.

But maybe Siouxsie saw something personal in Christine’ story since after the 1979 tour she had been ordered by doctors to take one-month rest because of the stress accumulated during the concerts. “Disintegrating,” she says at the end of the song; maybe that’s how Siouxsie felt in that period of work stress.

The two strongest personalities of Christine have been named “Eve White” and “Eve Black” and appear portrayed on the cover of the single in b & w and as the banana split lady, strawberry girl, names also mentioned in the text.

Two covers of this song have been made: one by Red Hot Chili Peppers, during their V2001 Festival performance and by Simple Minds.