She Past Away – Darkwave

She Past Away – Darkwave


The Turkish duo “She Past Away”, with just two albums, has quickly become a public phenomenon in the darkwave world, something that does not often happen in this niche genre.

Although the group was formed around 2009, their dark and electronic sounds seem to have come straight out of the ’80s, as they remind us of the Sister of Mercy or the Clan of Xymox.

However, this is not the usual revival copied and transplanted in an anachronistic manner in the second decade of 2000: “She Past Away” take all the beauty of the darkwave from the 80s and “refresh” it.

They are very active at the level of concerts and have played in major European goth festivals, such as the Wave Gothic Treffen, in Leipzig and the M’era Luna, also in Germany; but it is in the small clubs, in front of a few dozen people, that they manage to create a gloomy and at the same time enveloping atmosphere, which makes those who listen feel at ease.

“She Past Away “have succeeded in a business that few can boast of: bringing the darkwave music around the world and making it appreciated; they have also established an artistic association with the Lebanon Hanover, with whom they have carried out this crusade of dark music.

Now they have two albums: “Narin Yalnızlık” and “Belirdi Gece” (Appeard at night), which was a real revelation: appreciated by all the lovers of this genre and became a catchphrase of the goth nightclubs.

“Belirdi Gece” is one of those albums that you never get tired of listening to again and again; it is a perfect alternation of lugubrious and slow sounds, like those in “Insanlar” and “Ruh” (Spirit) and the dancers and electronic spasms of “Kemir Beni” and “Bozbulanik”, which come into your head with their repetitive rhythm like a jackhammer you cannot do without.

The duo shows off on the stage in a minimal but effective look (as is their music): black clothes that blend with the background and make-up with a veil of white greasepaint and black eyeshadow around the eyes barely stand out through the smoke that meanders low and dense on the stage. The voice of Volkan Caner is so deep and dark, yet so soft to make you feel at home in a snowy forest at night and can touch the entire audience in a hug as cold as it is pleasant; while Doruk Öztürkcan is very focused on the penetrating beats of the electronic drums.  “She Past Away” songs are in Turkish and although this makes the public’s understanding of the lyrics difficult, adds something mystical, since the Turkish language, at least to hear it sung by Volkan, has a sound that goes very well with the darkwave.And this is demonstrated by the fact that this album was so devoured and consumed by “She Past Away” fans, that songs like “Kasvetli Kutlama” (Dark celebration) or “Ritual” during the concerts are sung by heart in Turkish from all the crowd and there is not a goth club where their songs are not regularly played in. While we are waiting to listen to the She Past Away’s third album (which we hope will come out soon), it is worth listening to them again and again.

Words by

Federica Diaz Splendiani