DSC_2005 DSC_1879 DSC_1880 DSC_1932 DSC_2040 IMG_6194We are always on the search for individuals and groups circulating in our Underground universe. Just doing what they like to do and want to do,  without limit or restriction. We came across this group while we were on one of those Instagram safaris. It was one of those moments when you know that there is just something original and authentic in the story.

VC london is a womens motorcycle community out of The Shop Customs workshop in Limehouse, London.

Originally starting out from when a couple of girls began to build their own bikes (Gemma and Namin), they then started to look for & find other girl riders and girls who wanted to start riding. After a drunken party at the shop one evening VC London was born. With the idea to create a community where women can meet, ride together & learn about bikes, VC London is growing fast with a network of women riders & wrenchers from across the world.

The aim is to get more women on bikes & more women learning to wrench, customise & re-build the bikes they ride.

We turned up on a Sunday morning and found this amazing crew busy at work on their bikes. There were a row of bikes that were being rebuilt and customised but it was kind of difficult to work out which bike belonged to which girl as they just seemed to pitch in and help each other. The great thing about these girls is their friendship and comradery. Each technical challenge seemed to inspire a pop up lesson in spot welding or wiring.

These girls are really passionate about sharing & helping other women to get started on motorbikes and they are happy to help teach girls that want to get started on bikes.

In their own words “ We don’t care what type of bike you ride, whether you’ve been riding 10 years or are just starting out, we welcome anyone to get in touch & come join us on one of our meet ups or ride outs. ”

Stuff like this is what we love at Underground and it’s what we love about our neighbourhood. Go take a look, get involved and support this crew.