“ NOT IN LOVE “ Debut track from GOOD FUTURE

“NOT IN LOVE” Debut track from GOOD FUTURE


To stay ahead of the music-game you have to look under every rock and in every

dive bar to find the hottest new tracks. Good Future is as new-born as you can get, conceived at the end of 2018 this band is just as allusive as a foresight  of British Politics. Yet out of their allusivity came a hot off the press hit ‘Not in Love’.

If you do your research long enough, you’ll discover that they are quintet based in Stockport who not only just released a debut track but performed a sold-out show at Jimmy’s Manchester. Originally named The Nix, this boyband made a name for themselves only to be born again as Good Future and in velvet shoulder pads. Led by front man Nathan Shepherd, Good Future adopt classic synths and pop keys, and assimilate them with modern indie-pop tropes to make for a sound that is new while still coated in a glorious 80’s shimmer.

 ‘Not in Love’ as the first taste of the new five-piece is nothing but a jangling nod to their 80s inspired nostalgia and a distinct move away from their previous 90’s Arctic Monkey motifs. Starting off with gentle synths, the track eases its listener into a             Artwork by: Sophie Wignall

chorus of “not in loves” before being overlapped by rhythmic keys and a subtle drum-pad track. With a delightful Wham!-esk charm, low guitar riffs then join in the party reminding us of their indie-pop roots that are somewhat similar to the likes of Sundra Karma or even Gengahr.


 Tackling millennial concerns around love, ‘Not in Love’ articulates the struggle that every 21stcentury lover feels when it comes to relationships. Exposing the pretence that allows us to think we are “impervious to emotion”. The song explores what it means fear the finite spark of love that suffers at the hands of time while also expressing the innate desire to be loved at the same time: a paradox which every listener can relate to. Encapsulating all of the excuses that every lover has said at least once before, the lyricism showers its listener with complaints about wrong places and time, positions in life and states of mind that are all too familiar. In doing so Good Future articulates the motions of “not being in love” in just over 4 minutes.

Overall the track has a delectable northern charm to it, that is unmissable by Shepherd’s vocals, that when combined with poppy guitar solos and key breaks makes for a sickly sweet listen. The track ends with a final crescendo of groovy riffs and upbeat drums contrasting with the echoes of Shepherd’s “not it love” lyrics over the top, before leaving its listener in the same way it began with a slow fade of 80s pop synths.


PHOTO CREDS: Molly Standring   

As just a lick of the sugary new angle that these lads are taking on, ‘Not in Love’ is both strong and relatable in their chirpy take on emotional instability and lust to be loved. Beginning, hopefully, as they mean to go on, Good Future seemingly offer what they say on the tin (making for a promising start for what is to come).

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Word by Aimee Williams-Maynard