LABEL OF THE MONTH: Lucky Number Music

Dream Wife are signed to the label


After both working for Sony’s Zomba group for a few years, Stephen Richards and Michael Morley decided it was time to leave and do things their own way.

Lucky Number Music – formed in East London in 2005 by the long-term friends – is an independent record label that certainly has a feel of fortuity to it. The name and philosophy of the label comes from that special feeling of musical discovery that is also associated with your lucky number. 42 comes up on the lottery and you win a few quid? Exhilarating. By the time your 22nd birthday comes around and you’re not dead yet. Fantastic. The year your best friend – AKA Alfie the dog – was born? Well, that’s pretty special too. Lucky Number looks to mirror that peculiar yet wonderful feeling in its specially hand-picked artists. Take for example the moment you discover an awesome new band and can’t wait to recommend them to your mates? Or that rapturous feeling you have when you listen to a sad song and it unequivocally explains exactly what you’re feeling post-break up. It’s those special moments that Lucky Number attempts to curate.

Genre is  somewhat  irrelevant to the label; they talent spot artists they genuinely love and nurture them to success. From the cult punk priestesses Dream Wife, to the indie iconoclast Darwin Deez; from the award-winning pop pariahs Gotye to the dance deity FTSE, the musical roster is swirling and falling overboard with talent that will undoubtedly cater to all tastes.

Lucky Number’s charm lies in its name: it’s a label that will make you feel fortunate when you find it.

Here’s some of our favourite releases from the label below: