Good Future releases new track ‘Modern Romance’

Good Future releases the new track

‘Modern Romance’

Following their debut release in February, Good Future is back with a new song: ‘Modern Romance’. Despite the still-fresh-baby smell to them, this second track for Good Future sees them really beginning to solidify the foundations of their sound. 

Heavy-handed once more on the synths, the track opens with a showering of glossy electro twangs and repetitive drum tracks, before lead-singer Nathan Shepherd busts in with archetypal indie-rock vocals layered with jangly guitar riffs. Focusing on the pessimism of love, another commonality with their last hit, these concerns are seemingly weighed laboriously on the mind of this fivesome. With lyrics that explore what it means to be a lover in the 21st Century, the track takes a cynical look at the plethora of social media outlets one person must communicate with others and trivialises the use of dating apps such as tinder where swiping left or right becomes a flippant past time. 

Yet this critical take on “modern romance” is only the contrasting backdrop for the bubble-gum pop-esk sound overlaying the lyricism. Combining tropes from both 80’s pop and modern-day indie rock, they sound as though they’re the love child of both Catfish and the Bottlemen and The 1975. While this may not be to everyone’s taste, they have captured a sound that will no doubt make your average 20-something listener comforted by recognisable anthemic-indie pop motifs while also adding a playful twist on 80’s pop cheese.

Once more, these boys from the north show off their ability to dabble in the nostalgic sound of an era far from the one they know and bring it forth to 2019. And although, as this quintet has discovered, with it may come to the trials and tribulations of modernity and youth of our current time they assimilate this seamlessly into their tracks– alongside an indie-rock flair.

So, while Good Future’s second release isn’t some avant-garde, experimental electronic number, its perhaps more cliché indie-pop leitmotifs are carving the path for their individual sound and image as a band.  ‘Modern Romance’ is, therefore, another hint towards the future that’s looking good for these guys, if they stick to this unwavering route.

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Words by Aimee Williams-Maynard