CHEAPSKATE – The New Generation Single is Everything We Need



Who says looking good and talking smooth costs money?

Finances can be tight for young Punk bands as we all know, but who says charming costs cash?  Liverpool’s sweethearts and serial charmers Generation are proving it don’t cost nothing to look smart and get your groove on, so get ready to take notes. Their new and greatly anticipated single ‘Cheapskate’ champions, rather than tackles, what it means to be a dandy-on-a-dime- and we’ve got the first glimpse of it.

You already know that the moment Underground was asked ‘Who Loves This Generation?’,  when the EP of the same title landed on our desks back in May 2017, the answer was an assured YUP-  and that was that. It’s been a pleasure to see this band scale the industry over the last year, especially now brothers James + Dean Carne plus drummer and longtime pal Nathan Sanderson have been  joined by Joe Murdoch- a new bassist who seems every bit as cheeky and as capable as the others. This year has already demonstrated it’s key role in their momentous rise to stardom- as announcements so far include playing Liverpool Soundcity in May and the below video release of Cheapskate.


Although we read fame and fortune in their cards, earnings can be a bit tight when you’re a Punk band in their infancy, slinging it around the dive bars of the UK. Yes, they’ve got contagious hooks, fab looks and a personality to swoon to, but as professed ‘Cheapskates’, their latest single pokes fun at the dichotomy of being tight-pursed ‘n’ tight-panted rockstars. At the end of the day, they’re only sneaking decanted Malibu from home into parties so they can offer you a drink at the bar.

And isn’t that what rock ‘n’ roll is all about? In one song, Generation have brought home the reminder of why we love our favourite Punk and Rockstars of yonder year so much. We’re sure as hell Sid and Sensible were as skint as hell. Because having no money or luxuries encourages a DIY spirit, originality and thinking outside of the box. It encourages motivation to succeed. It encourages a love of the basics in life, art and interacting with other humans.

As Lead Guitarist James explains:

“Everyone is so caught up in themselves these days, with the never ending rise of social media it’s easy for people  to be over critical of themselves and others – falling into the trap of basing their self worth on how many likes they get. I think in a kind of roundabout way, Cheapskate is a revolt against that culture, because it’s just a massive piss take out of ourselves. It’s about being young, having no money, still going out and most importantly, getting those charity shop bargains.

In short, Cheapskate is our attempt to inject some fun into the seemingly apathetic world that we all live in – and we hope you enjoy dancing to it”.

Dean’s vocals are as mischievous and contagious as a playground rhyme- it is destined to get twisted in your mind all day long. Their appreciation of a good dance is strongly sensed in this single- as they strive to avoid the viral but cardinal sin of fuzzy, guitar-driven garage rock destined to kill your boogie-boner. The video itself, created by Underground’s favourite prodigal photographer Millie Radakovich, is perfectly matched to the music- getting it’s dosing of retro, colour and immaturity just right.

It’s music to be young, broke and stupid to. And we love it.

You can listen to CHEAPSKATE on SPOTIFY and watch it on YOUTUBE

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All photos by Andy Hughes



April 7th- Molotow in Hamburg

April 28- DJ SET – The Jacarnda Club in Liverpool

May 5th- Liverpool Sound City- Constellations

June 22-23- Liverpool Calling Festival

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