Listen to Black Honey’s new release ‘DIG’

Listen to Black Honey’s new release ‘DIG’

Soundwave faves Black Honey premiered their new single ‘DIG’ last night on BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens show. After taking an 8 month hiatus in releasing their music – which most probably due to their insane summer of touring, and supporting Royal Blood on their escapades – the shoegaze indie outfit have returned with a more seductively haunting tune.

The new tune appears to deal with the debris of a relationship, veiled in a funereal gloss. Not even a couple of notes in and lead-woman Izzy’s sultry vocals ripple into the track: ‘don’t you know you make it rain? Pulling blood through my brain.’ Whereas most of their previous tracks like ‘Madonna’ and ‘Somebody Better’ begin with defiled and defiant guitars, it is instead Izzy’s rapturous intonations that take centre stage from the beginning. It is definitely a variation and ecclecticism in their music that will undoubtedly bode well for an album. During the bridge, Izzy sings  ‘do I wanna know the truth when I fell for a guy like you?’ before the chorus collapses in: ‘Oh my, oh my god you gotta dig it out, dig it up’. The lyrics throughout sing about the polarities and tumult in a corrupt love that has left the singer slightly hollow: ‘You see velvet I see black’, ‘the faded names, scratched in blue / forever empty your tattoo’. If a relationship or break-up had a funeral, then this song would be it.

To accompany the heartbreak, there is a lilting guitar that undulates throughout the song; lingering bass lines and perfunctory drums that swirl into the melancholy. It is only near the end of the song that it breaks out; a frenzied guitar solo that seems to represent the inner and un-spoken fury that the singer feels about this relationship. Whilst this song seems more gloomy than their others, it is the dark theatricality, the iconic chorus that ensure the song will be stuck in your head.

The band have also teased a video for the track on Twitter. The preview sees Izzy standing in front of mirror, smoking her thoughts into oblivion before the video reaches its cataclysmic climax, where she blisteringly says ‘Dig It Up’.

The actual music video has just been dropped, and pays homage to the likes of Taratino, to femme fatales and Thelma and Louise, where Izzy is caught up in a love conspiracy that sees her playing the victim and villain. Click HERE to watch the full video.

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