This one from the Underground vinyl collection.

“She’s in parties” is a single from the album “Burning from the inside“, from 1983; the last before Bauhaus split.

Many covers have been made of this song; among the best known there are “What Was Her Name?” by Dave Clarke and Chicks on Speed and the one by In isolation.

The text is very cryptic, made up of broken phrases and deliberately obscure.

In an interview, Peter Murphy said that “She’s in parties” is about Marilyn Monroe and in fact, it talks about drugs, alcohol, parties and “the golden years”.

The dark tones and the half-cryptic phrases let us guess that “she” is at the end of those golden years, then in the darkest moment, perhaps in that of her suicide.

The refrain “She’s in parties” sounds almost like a funeral chorus, slow and whispered.

In this song there is all the gloomy Bauhaus atmosphere, all their goth essence; starting from Peter Murphy’s voice, deep and dark that sounds like a lament coming from the bottom of a cave.

There is its typical elegance of pronouncing slowly word by word, crawling like a snake on every letter.

Murphy’s singing has always had a strong evocative force: with his voice, he can summon a sensation of cold, damp, terror, just like the disquieting gaze of Bela Lugosi, a character dear to Bauhaus.

Even the song’s video has become a cult. Half in colour, half in B & W.

A very skinny and androgynous Peter Murphy singing in a cold place, hunting smoke from his mouth, the other members of the band following him intoning the dark chorus and a woman whose face is never seen.

After the album “Burning from the inside” the Bauhaus suddenly melted, and their frontman embarked on a solo career.

However, the Bauhaus has left a huge legacy in that goth culture of which they were the greatest exponents.