From the Underground Vinyl collection this week-Eloise

In a 1985 live performance, the members of the post-punk band “The Damned” bring a goth and new romantic atmosphere to a TV show that had bewitched thousands in the UK and around the world.

There is a Dave Vanian dressed as a vampire-cowboy with his ruffles blouse and pointed boots, singing a prayer of love to this “Eloise” relentlessly invoked.

A text that tells about a heartbreaking and distant love and an emphasis worthy of the best New romantic subculture. This song is from the album “Phantasmagoria” of 1985 and is the cover of a 1968 song sung by Barry Ryan. But hearing that, Dave Vanian must have thought of his wife.

He and Patricia Morrison, bass player, of among others, Sister of Mercy, are in fact the most gothic couple in the international post-punk scene.

On the cover of the single “Eloise” there is the drawing of the face of a woman (the dedicatory of the song) imagined as the bride of Frankenstein, with the famous white and black hair.

And it is precise to the consort born from the pen of Mary Shelley’s monster that Vanian was inspired for his look during the years of “Phantasmagoria”: ruffles shirts, Victorian coats and a lot of white wax.

And in fact, the name of the album, Phantasmagoria is also taken from a theatrical genre very popular in the Victorian time that staged the apparitions of ghosts.