3 from Hell: new upcoming film from Rob Zombie


Three from Hell – A Rob Zombie film


The highly anticipated new film by multi-talented Rob Zombie is about to be released.

Musician, singer, director and scenographer, the American artist managed to create, in the arc of his film career, a very precise “horror punk” universe in which, over time, he refined his technique of directing and creations of an environment and of recurring characters in his films.

In the new awaited film (due out in 2019) “3 from Hell” will return the three main characters created by Zombie: “Captain Spaulding, “Baby” Firefly and Otis B. Driftwood; and apparently this will be the third act that had begun with “The House of 1000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Reject”, even if in the final of the latter it was understood that the three were killed by the police, in a masterful slow motion scene on the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” (that scene is so beautiful that you never get tired of seeing it again and again).

Danny Trejo, who cannot be missed in a splatter at the limit of trash film (in a good way), will be the brand new character of “3 from Hell”.

The famous Firefly family components created by Zombie have been studied in every aspect: each of them has a history, a background and well-defined characteristics: a sign of enormous work on the character.

There is Captain Spaulding, murderer and sadistic criminal, whose figure, modeled on Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding of “Animal Crackers” of 1930, was certainly also influenced by the circus’ imaginary, in which environment the director lived with his parents until 1977.

The attractiveness of this character disguised as a clown lies in the fact that, despite being a bloody degenerate, his way of speaking, which unexpectedly passes from the whimsical and joking to the brutal, destabilizes the interlocutor, leaving him dismayed, as it happens in the scene of “The House of 1000 Corpses” in which the two unsuspecting boys are joking with the Captain in his “Museum of Monsters and Madmen” at the gas station where he works, just before he gets mad with them.

But all the characters of Zombie are “ugly, dirty and bad”, apart from “Baby” Firefly (Cheri Moon Zombie, director’s wife), beautiful on the outside, how perfidious and without remorse in the inside.Dirty and bad like Otis B. Driftwood (name borrowed from the main character of “A Night at the Opera”) played by Bill Moseley: a man of few words, but ruthless as much as his hair is greasy. He loves to make sculptures and masks with the skin of his victims and for this he considers himself an artist . In this new film we expect to find the out-of-mind scenography, cured up to the last detail in a maniacal way, typical of Zombie, and to be catapulted in that hidden part of the United States, the one that nobody wants to see: rotten, marginalized and violent; in rooms packed with jugs of ghoulish objects, old masks, broken dolls, disquieting photos, stuffed animals, all in an indistinct musty and disgusting mixture. But the cinema of Rob Zombie is not only splatter and violence and even if his films do not present particularly original plots or humanitarian messages, his cinema is anything but trivial: we must recognize the imaginative virtuosity that creates magnificent sets and well-studied characters, all filled with quotes from the 30’s cinema, but also the masterpieces of horror cinema and a very evocative photography, in addition to the extraordinary skill of the cast. Can’t wait for “3 from Hell to be released”, but in the meanwhile, you can enjoy the director’s  band “White Zombie” and start stepping into that dirty and dusty atmosphere.


Words by Federica Diaz Splendiani