/: September 2011

Hand Painted Creepers ?- Left side or right side of the brain

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The Ashish X Underground creepers that were tearing up the runway at LFW back in February (woh-how time flies ! ) are now out in the stores. The idea of creepers that could be hand painted has a certain appeal to creeper lovers with an artistic bit of the brain (RIGHT SIDE )but how about a creeper lover who indulges in a spot of hnadpainted customisation of leather jackets and other stuff.  Jackpot I say.

Take a look at these that have been customised by Clare Barrow (RIGHT SIDE)and have turned up in the October edition of Elle (RIGHT SIDE ). 

If you want a pair of the ashish x underground creepers  you can order them online at www.underground-england.co.uk  and ASOS. If Seoul is your home try Tom Greyhound (RIGHT SIDE ) and if HK (RIGHT SIDE AND LEFT SIDE ) is your home head to i.t .  (RIGHT SIDE ) Also available in Singapore (RS and LS ) from Actually Actually (RIGHT SIDE )

Every pair comes with a bottle of tipp-ex(LEFT SIDE IN NORMAL OFFICE ENVIRONMENT -RIGHT SIDE WHEN LET LOOSE) and some instructions on how to paint them- but  I guess you probably have your own ideas on that.

If you are too lazy (NOT SURE WHICH SIDE)to pick up a paint brush or you are in financial services, medical,engineering (LEFT SIDE -but hey we  do need you boys and girls !) then you might need to get someone else to paint them for you. Clare Barrow (RIGHT SIDE) might do it but she is very busy and her work is in demand- check out her website anyway

http://themilkofdanzig.tumblr.com  (RIGHT SIDE )

Alternatively Harvey Nichols Hong Kong have some extremely limited pieces that have been pre-painted by Ashish (RIGHT SIDE )himself .

Failing that enrol on evening courses at art college or ask a friend with an artistic leaning (RIGHT SIDE )