/: August 2011

Original Creepers by Underground-Get the knowledge

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Some e mails end up in my box from up and coming creeper wearers that are new to the game and need some more info about these shoes.  Owning a few pairs of Underground Creepers myself  I am a bit of an Underground patriot but thought it might be good to share the knowledge. I know my creeper stuff but for those of you that might want to join me on the higher plain of learning here is a helpful anatomy of the shoe. I get to see a few imitations around that are trying to slip onto unsuspecting feet ,so print out this handy anatomy and you  will have a check list when you creeper for the first time ; )

New Underground Arrivals at i.t Hong Kong

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There’s some new Underground styles in store at i.t in Hong Kong. I get to put together some lines about Underground and the places that stock them all around the globe, so it might be an idea to take a closer look at this store. Now ,my manager is a great fan of I.T and as the furthest place East I have been is East Anglia ,I only get to know about this fashion paradise  from him and his assistant. “ Research, Research ” is the advise  dispensed in my direction. Wow- I just did that ,and its the equivelant of  asking a Foodie to research Fortnum’s. I am drooling over the brands that they carry – in fact I barely bring myself to repeat them all without my credit card coming up in a rash , but I better try- Comme , Gareth Pugh, Margiela, Bathing Ape, izzue ++++++++ – just go to www.ithk.com take a look , sit down ,and then take another look- this is it-the fashion centre of the universe.  Research ???? right !!, best send me there to take a closer look if your are reading this chief !

In the meantime here are some of the Underground styles that they have in store.

Underground Exclusives at ASOS

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The eagerly awaited Underground exclusives are up and running at ASOS from today. pop down to www.asos.com for a look at some of the exclusives including the Bowie boot in black and white leather along with some of the other classic Underground creepers including Wulfrun in a range of colours. I had a call from the guys in sales this morning  and they reckon that these are going to be sold out pretty quick so grab your trolley and burn some rubber !!!.